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Characters in the Kitchin


Characters in the Kitchin is an offshoot of my acting career.  I started doing live improv events in South Florida in the nineties at various country clubs, convention centers, homes, you name it and we did it.  It truly became a fun and enjoyable way to provide entertainment and supplement the actors income.  I created the brochure below when I moved up to New Jersey in 2000.  I put this work on the back burner for years, but now as I am settled in Bergen County and getting my screenwriting career off the ground I thought it was a perfect time to re-introduce....

Characters in the Kitchin!!!

The idea is simple.  If you have a birthday, graduation, anniversary or any special event and you are searching for something fun and different, then Characters may be the perfect solution. What I will do is create a character of your and my creation that will add an unforgettable bit of fun to your celebration.  It will be done in good taste, with just the right amount of time and content to accomplish our goal and celebrate the event.

One example: Recently friends of ours had a child graduate from a NJ high school. We prepared a large box of novelty "college preparation" gifts, some silly and others containing cash for the graduate. I presented them to him as a professor from his future college whose class he would soon be entering! All went off beautifully, the young man got all his gifts from multiple different families and many a laugh was had.

This same idea could be created around a retirement party, birthday roast or many other life events that we choose to celebrate.

Feel free to give me a call at your convenience to discuss your next event!  Starting price for a Character from the Kitchin is $200 for an appearance.

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