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Santa by Sam....Samta Claus!!!

I have been doing Santa Claus in the NYC Metropolitan area for 20 years.  From some of the largest corporate employers in the area to country clubs owned by certain ex Presidents to hundreds of homes including my traditional Christmas Eve visits.  I take the character of Santa quite seriously.  For me, the most important gift Santa has to offer is love.  Love for humans of all race, creed and color.  Santa does not play favorites, he loves equally and generously. 

Traditionally, Santa will do a walk around of your event and greet all your guests. Secondly, Santa will sit at whatever designated "Santa Set" the client has created or provided and hand out gifts (gifts are arranged by client).  Next, Santa will pose for pictures with each family or child along with their presents. Finally, Santa will read The Night Before Christmas with kids gathered at his feet.  This oral reading has been loved by thousands over the years and it is read from an oversized traditional Santa edition.  Usually a visit from Santa runs around 30 minutes.  Lots of people want to get "more for their money" when it comes to these visits, but experience has taught me well that Santa is much more effective when he does not over stay the visit. This is actually a very important aspect to a live Santa visit.  I can present Santa in the traditional suit or in a long flowing "Victorian" Santa suit, complete with a flowing hood and beautiful trim.

Pricing starts at 200 for a 30 minutes visit from Santa. 

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