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~The Refused Origins~

I have been what would best be described as a journeyman actor for many years. After thousands of auditions, dozens of booked commercials and hundreds not booked, some high points in television and film and theater from the boonies to Broadway, I finally said,  “I want to create something of my own!” I want to create a show that I want to watch, that I felt my daughter would be proud of, that would be historically accurate and would inform, inspire and entertain.

 The Refused Backstory

It was 2/9/2016, my 53rd birthday and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City where I had a strong urge to visit the Impressionists gallery.  I found myself standing in front of Edouard Manet’s “The Monet Family in Their Garden at Argenteuil.” The descriptive plaque next to it said:


“In July and August 1874 Manet vacationed at his family’s house in Gennevilliers, just across the Seine from Monet at Argenteuil. The two painters saw each other often that summer, and on a number of occasions they were joined by Renoir. While Manet was painting this picture of Monet with his wife Camille and their son Jean, Monet painted Manet at his easel (location unknown). Renoir, who arrived just as Manet was beginning to work, borrowed paint, brushes, and canvas, positioned himself next to Manet, and painted Madame Monet and Her Son (National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.).”  


This ever so brief story has provided me with the inspiration I needed to present this to you today!!  The very thought of these three men painting together…of friends creating, relaxed, inspired, kindred spirits caught in a moment of time while all three of them had works hanging within feet of me in NYC at the MET in 2016 changed my life!  I felt them viscerally, they screamed at me…..”WE NEED OUR STORY TOLD!!”  So I had to vow to them, then and there, to do just that!  I had to learn more.  After six years of research, what I have learned has stupefied, amazed, intrigued, educated and provoked me. The authenticity and historical accuracy of the many plot lines requires extensive research. The lives of the characters in my story have in some way touched us all. This is a story of political and artistic emancipation; it is a story of evolution and expression; it is a story of lust, love, obsession, and desire.These are artists of the highest caliber attempting to create a new mode of expression in the visual arts at a time before film and television, when ART was king! I only hope the story I am creating can be a worthy and fitting tribute to these masters and masterpieces and that it will positively influence a new generation of fans, art lovers and artists.  The Refused may also simply provide content to hungry binge watchers and that is okay too!





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