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Producer of Marketing and Media for Sam Kitchin Productions.

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Dante Fresse has assisted on production for specials on HBO, commercials for LEGO and ADT, worked on shorts for Comedy Central, and served in the art department for the theatrical film Buck Run (2018). He grew up in Hoboken, NJ, but lives now in Oakland, NJ. He graduated from Bucknell University with an Honors BA in Film/Media Studies and English Literary Studies. Dante takes photographs, makes films, and writes anything from creative fiction to screenplays. 


Dante's published his writing on platforms like and the Bangalore Review. His documentary, Bucknellians in WWI, about the life of the Bucknell alumnus Charles O'Brien, who served as a First Lieutenant in WWI, was presented at the Susquehanna Valley Research Symposium in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania and won an award for Outstanding Poster Presentation in Social Sciences and Humanities. Dante's other work includes editing, co-directing, writing, and assisting camera work on short films, and podcasts. 

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