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The Studio

 With the incarnation of this new studio I want to work with young performers who are interested in exploring performance in order to tap into and evolve their talents. We will identify strengths and weaknesses and train accordingly so that our efforts maximize the actors skills and knowledge of their craft. Every child is different and their relationship and understanding of what acting is varies wildly. Therefore, it is my job to align the ideas they have in their heads with the natural instincts and talents they already possess through training and exercises to produce a confident young actor.

AGE: I am opening the studio to ages 12 and up including adults.  Younger students can be accepted after an audition and or a meeting with the student's parent, the prospective student and myself.

TIMES: My schedule varies as does every child's, therefore we can be flexible with scheduling.

LOCATION: I have created a very comfortable and accessible studio for not only teaching but my screenwriting in our home in Oakland, NJ.  There is a waiting area and a parent is invited to sit in on one or all classes to ensure everyone is comfortable with the situation.


COST: Hourly ~ $60.

Option 1: From my experience, individual work is by far the best way for a young performer to realize his or her potential as an actor.  For a beginner, the work may include challenges such as expanding verbal skills, increasing eye contact or tuning in on they/their physical awareness through to a more experienced young actor who is looking to enhance their script analysis, cold reading ability or simply stay sharp as a young working professional.

As a starting incentive I offer the first hour free.  This is a cost effective way for you and your child to determine the potential value of the work we will be doing.  

Option 2: FUNDAMENTALS OF ACTING ~ 8 Weeks ~ $400.

This 8 week class will focus on basic acting skills.  We will use acting and improvisation exercises to develop and expand the inner actor.  As the course progresses, we will touch on different areas within the business-improvisation, commercials, film technique, theatrical auditions, monologues, etc.  By the end of this class, the student should have one memorized monologue at they/their disposal and be confident enough to audition for the school play and or know whether they are excited enough to pursue further work at an ongoing hourly rate.

As a teacher, I ran a successful training program in Sparta, NJ entitled, Alpine Arts, where I taught numerous group and private classes to young people and adults from 2008-2012. 

New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts in Bloomfield, NJ from 2006-2009. I taught various classes from teens to adults for three years while on staff at NJSDA.

Additionally, I taught for Acting-A-Part in Sparta and Ridgewood, NJ along with various freelance teaching assignments in NY and NJ over the years. 

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