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Sam Kitchin


I am launching my career as a writer with The Refused and The Trainer.  After many years as a professional actor that spanned from dinner theatre to Broadway and from commercials to TV and Film, my interest has evolved from being in the story to telling the story. 

As a writer I use stories from our past to entertain today. 

I have started at the very top, attempting to create a massive episodic based on historically indelible characters from the world of art.  After six years of research, I know the story I want to tell. I am completely open to collaborating with the right people to develop the script into a tight, well paced and riveting episodic. 

The first three episodes of The Refused are completed and available for reading and consideration by contacting me directly.   The fourth episode is currently being written and should be completed soon.


I am hoping to find both representation and production personnel who can evolve into a creative team to shepherd this dream forward. 

My next project is a film entitled, "The Trainer," which is in its early stages of development.  The Trainer is a feel good family sports story based on actual events.


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