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Honorary Producers

These days it is extremely difficult to get anyone to read a new writers work. Therefore, I created this page to honor all those who have actually taken the time to read this project.  The following "Honorees" have read either one or all three finished episodes of The Refused and provided much needed feedback.  I thank them for their time and input!

Ewa Polanska: A renaissance woman.  If it were not for her, this would not have made it this far.

Dante Fresse: Writer, Scholar, Producer.  Dante has provided unending support. Full bio on this site.

Kay Basham: Theatre Director and Teacher: Hey, she is my sister but she took the time and loved them.

Craig Hankin: You can see Craig's full bio on this site.  He was the first to take this seriously and I owe him a mountain of gratitude!

Ross King: Writer.  I had the pleasure of meeting this profound writer in Dallas, Texas at the Monet Exhibit where he was a keynote speaker.  His input and writings have proved essential.

Sam Buttari:  Screenwriter.  Sam was the first to provide detailed notes and feedback on all three episodes and he was a tremendous help in spurring me forward.

David Sitler: Actor. David also gave his time generously to read all three episodes and provide excellent feedback. 

Greg Andersen: Businessman and Author: Greg provided wonderfully useful feedback not only on the script but on approaches to marketing the piece and getting it seen.

Maya Zivkovich:  Screenwriter and owner Dee Ziners Studio.  Maya has been an on going collaborator and is responsible for the piych deck currently being developed for The Refused.

Rudy Benda: Actor and Producer:  A long time associate, Rudy, was kind enough to give sparkling feed back.

Michael Thomas:  Screenwriter, Sculptor, Producer.  Michael has been a wonderful asset in continuing to keep my fire lit and this project moving ahead.

Michael Patterson: Actor, Writer.  He took the time and his input was greatly appreciated.

This list is being added to on an on-going basis and I invite you to inquire about obtaining copies of one or all of the completed episodes, reading them and providing feedback or coverage as they say in the business.  It would be GREATLY appreciated. 

Sincerely, Sam.


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